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First democratically-elected president of the Caruban republic, alleged V.S.S.E. agent "Placido"


President of the Caruban republic

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Time Crisis: Project Titan

Xavier Serrano (ザビエル・セラノ, Zabieru Serano) was a supporting character in Time Crisis: Project Titan. Serrano was the president of Caruba who was presumed assassinated by Richard Miller making the V.S.S.E.'s top agent wanted by the government of Caruba. The real assassin was actually Ricardo Blanco who disguised himself as Miller earlier and Serrano was revealed to be held alive as a hostage by the Wild Dogs.

Richard found Serrano in Rio Oro and was surprised to see him alive indicating that the "dead Serrano" was a clone. Serrano informed Richard about Wild Dog's mad scheme Project Titan that used the titanium mined from Rio Oro to create a robot army. The president gave the one-man army the mission to stop Wild Dog along with his robot army before informing the V.S.S.E. about situation and clear Richard's name.

After Richard succeeded putting an end to Wild Dog and Project Titan, Serrano said that Richard should show up for the award ceremony. Marisa Soleil informed the president that the one-man would not be coming.

Quotes Edit

I'm just as surprised as you are. They never executed me. For some reason, they kept me alive as a hostage. This place is the richest source of titanium in the world. They mined huge amounts of them to create some kind of robot army.
~ Xavier Serrano, in response of Richard Miller's surprise
Wild Dog is calling this mad scheme, "Project Titan". The robots are nearly indestructible because they are made of titanium. Here are the blueprints of the prototypes. You can find their weak points in the robots by studying them. I will inform the V.S.S.E. of what's going on and clear your name. But you must go after Wild Dog and stop this madness.
~ Xavier Serrano, providing Richard Miller with information.
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