The S.C.A.R. is a organization in Razing Storm that is tasked to capture or kill Paulo Guerra.

Members Edit

  • Alpha 1 and Alpha 2: the protagonists in the arcade version. Their mission objective is to deliver the coordinates of Guerra's base of operations so that the satellite laser cannon can be fired on him.
  • King (キング, Kingu): leader of Alpha team.
  • Shin (シン, Shin): a member of Alpha team and provides comic relief.
  • Fortune [O'Neil (オニール, Onīru) in the Japanese version]: a member of Alpha team and is seen using the satellite laser pointer at Guerra's base of operations. He also cracked the security system in Girasol factory.
  • Hunt (ハント, Hanto): leader of Bravo team that is in charge of the path finder. In the story mode, he was captured by Guerra who rigged and placed the launch device inside his body. Eventually, the device was disarmed so that he was unharmed.
  • Delta 1: the sole protagonist of the story mode. He was given the mission to eliminate Guerra and was the one who fired the sniper bullet into the robot cockpit, killing him.
  • Casey [Zack (ザック, Zakku) in the Japanese version]: leader of Delta team. He only appears in the story mode. He is a widower who implicitly mentions about wanting to die quickly so that he can meet his dead wife. After the launch device is safely disarmed, he is encouraged to continue living by Hunt.
  • Assault 1~4: Units who support the Delta team in eliminating Guerra. They do not appear in stage 4 of the story mode.

Gallery Edit

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