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Paulo Guerra (パウロ・ゲラ, Pauro Gera) was the main antagonist of Razing Storm. He was the leader of a revolutionary movement against a South American nation, and the S.C.A.R. task force was sent to capture or kill him. His army consists of terrorists, militias and Renegade Soldiers, as well as hi-tech weapons like the Raptor, H.A.C.S. Power Armor, and the "Kraken". His name was unofficial. He earned his name because he masterminded an attack on the United States with the help of some military groups.

History Edit

Guerra first appears inside a cell in Almada Penitentiary. After the civilian militia successfully overcome the prison guards, possibly killing the prison chief and set him free, Guerra wasted no time taking over the capital. To strengthen his rule, Guerra captured the president, extorted him to give him the password and copied his iris for the security system. This allows him to use nuclear bombs supplied to his country by the United States, something he will do unless all American forces are at least 100 km out of his country. While S.C.A.R. Delta and Assault teams stormed the Almada Penitentiary (the location which Guerra transmitted a message to HQ) and gained control, he has already escaped to the capital, resulting in HQ dispatching Alpha and Bravo teams to take him out by using the satellite laser cannon.

While on the way to Guerra's base of operations, King, leader of the Alpha team, briefs his members on their objective of delivering the coordinates of Guerra's base of operations so that an attack from the satellite laser cannon can be launched. Guerra appears as a visual image while the objective is being played. After Bravo team sets up the satellite pathfinder and requests Alpha team to send the coordinates of Guerra's base of operations, the satellite laser pointer identifies Guerra among the mass of people believed to be torturing some hostages.

After Guerra is believed to be killed by the satellite laser cannon and some of the Bravo team members along with their leader Hunt taken hostage in Girasol factory, Alpha team along with Delta team leader Casey and a Delta team member, stormed the factory. After defeating the enemies inside, they reached the lowermost section only to find Guerra alive. Initially, he tried to give the signal to launch the nuclear missiles via a phone call only to have his cellphone shot away by Casey. After that, he gets into a giant robot powered by jets and armed with missile launchers and laser cannons. After a battle, he is killed by a sniper bullet fired into the robot cockpit.


You should have run when you had the chance.
~ Paulo Guerra's first words after the Civilian Militia and Renegade Soldiers broke him out of prison
I got our fine President to tell me the password. I also got a copy of his iris for the security system.... I want all American forces at least 100 kilometers out of the country. Or I'll have to use your nuclear bomb.
~ Paulo Guerra's message to the S.C.A.R. after the President is found
Death to those who have brought this humiliation upon this great nation.
~ Part of Paulo Guerra's speech as quoted by King
You Americans really love playing the hero, don't you? [King: Paulo Guerra?!] Did you think I was dead? You hypocrites! One call and your country is no more. [Casey: Still too late?] You really are a simple bunch, aren't you?
~ Paulo Guerra's first words before battling the S.C.A.R.
Did you think breaking my phone would solve everything?
~ Paulo Guerra when starting to battle S.C.A.R.
What are you so intent on protecting? If you dogs are so scared of losing your owner, I can be your new one.
~ Paulo Guerra, mocking S.C.A.R.'s objectives
Wonderful! Soon those who dirtied our mother country will be no more! I will crush them underfoot for their arrogance and tyranny!
~ Paulo Guerra's rant
Just try to stop me! Try to strike me down!
~ Paulo Guerra, daring S.C.A.R.
Or am I perhaps too much for you to handle?
~ Paulo Guerra, questioning S.C.A.R. mockingly
You're more worthless than maggots!
~ Paulo Guerra's first insult on SC.A.R.
What are you possibly capable of when you can't even handle one man?!
~ Paulo Guerra, mocking S.C.A.R.
I'm not here to play cat-and-mouse with you!
~ Paulo Guerra, when concentrating his fire on a particular S.C.A.R. member
Did you really think you could get away with tainting my homeland and controlling the pigs in office?!
~ Paulo Guerra's second rant.
Don't make me laugh, you dogs!
~ Paulo Guerra, whenever a part of the mech was damaged
You're nothing more than disposable munitions.
~ Paulo Guerra's second insult on S.C.A.R.
Your lives hold no meaning!
~ Paulo Guerra's first verbal attack
Stopping the enemy will bring you no honor or gratitude!
~ Paulo Guerra's second verbal attack


  • His name means Paul's War (Guerra meaning war in Portuguese).


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