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Kantaris (カンタリス, Kantarisu) is a female antagonist in Time Crisis (in the "Secret Mission" of the PlayStation port) and Time Crisis: Project Titan. She is to date the only female antagonist in the series.

Time Crisis Edit

Little is known about this mysterious woman. Established long before the formation of the Sercian Republic, her self-named Kantaris Organization was responsible for a number of large-scale crimes including arms dealing, drug dealing, theft, forgery and fraud. It is known that she is the Wild Dog Organization's chief arms supplier. Kantaris also owns the Chateau de Luc, a luxury hotel that serves as a front for a weapons factory.

A few weeks after the Sercia incident, Richard Miller is sent to infiltrate Chateau de Luc and destroy the operations. Depending on the performance of the player, Miller kills Kantaris either by shooting down her airplane as it escapes, shooting her escape car until it crashes and explodes, or by disabling her war-robot until it malfunctions and makes her fall to her death. If the player is too slow, Kantaris will instead escape.

Time Crisis: Project Titan Edit

Kantaris is confirmed to still be alive in Project Titan, in which she works with Wild Dog to build a robot army. She and her henchman Zeus Bertrand capture a V.S.S.E. mole named Marisa "Abacus" Soleil and have her imprisoned on her personal yacht. Miller infiltrates the yacht to rescue Marisa, but does not confront Kantaris; rather, she has already escaped by the time he boards. Kantaris is still presumed to be at large.

Quotes Edit

Time Crisis Edit

How nice to meet you, Richard. Welcome to Kantaris base. You're just in time for the party. I have arranged a dancing partner for you. Dance, baby, dance. Dance to the death!
~ Kantaris, confronting Richard Miller in the Ballroom before releasing the Web Spinner on him
Did you enjoy the appetizer? Now here's the main course. This carpet will be dyed red with your blood. I'll teach you what it means to defy Kantaris.
~ Kantaris, before releasing a robot on Richard Miller in the lounge
Leave me alone! It's men like you who are ruining this world.
~ Kantaris, before attempting to escape in a gunship with the rest of her men
Not all stories end happily ever after Richard, but take it into yours. Adios Cowboy.
~ Kantaris, if players fail to stop her at the parking lot
Bye-bye Richard. This little play of mine has ended.
~ Kantaris, if players do not defeat the robot in time at the lounge
You're a man after my own heart. I think I'm mad about you.
~ Kantaris, if players fail to shoot down her airplane as it escapes

Time Crisis: Project Titan Edit

We've been reading your e-mail, Marisa. And you've been a very, very naughty girl. Do the names "V.S.S.E." and "Miller" ring a bell?
~ Kantaris, to Marisa Soleil, having read the email sent to the V.S.S.E.
Don't play dumb with me, little girl. We know you've been sending messages to the V.S.S.E., Marisa...or should I call you "Abacus"?
~ Kantaris, to Marisa Soleil, thinking she (Marisa) doesn't know who "Miller" is.

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