Garland Square (ガーランド・スクウェア, Gārando Sukuwea) is a fictional urban complex which is the setting in Crisis Zone.


Garland Square is located in the outskirts of London. It comprises of Drycreek Plaza, Belforte Hotel (name not revealed in the arcade version), Garland Park, Garland Technology Center, Geyser 1 and Grassmarket Street.

Drycreek Plaza (ドライクリーク・プラザ, Doraikurīku Puraza) has department stores on the second floor selling products such as CDs, arts & crafts and sports equipment (in the special story mode, there is also a department store selling fashion apparel). It has a open area on the first floor. S.T.F. members start attacking from the second floor, and an infantry fighting vehicle rams into and attacks when they are at the open area.

Garland Park (ガーランド・パーク, Gārando Pāku) has open shops and a floating pavilion at the center supported by open linkways on higher ground. It is the location where the S.T.F. members first arrived to secure Garland Square and a large attack helicopter attacks when they are at the floating pavilion.

Garland Technology Center (ガーランド・テクノロジー・センター, Gārando Tekunorojī Sentā) has office and research blocks. It also has an area under construction. U.R.D.A. special agent Tiger starts attacking from an office block while Edge starts attacking from a research block. Both of them attack the S.T.F. members at the area under construction.

Geyser 1 (ゲイザーI, Geizā 1) is an experimental atomic reactor constructed by Garland Electric, located 5 km (3 miles) underneath Garland Square and completed on 18 April 1997. Derrick Lynch overloads it and attacks the S.T.F. members in the control room.

Grassmarket Street (グラスマーケット・ストリート, Garasumāketto Sutorīto) has a city feel with shops, restaurants and an open area. Experimental stealth defense droid A-0940 attacks Claude McGarren at the open area.

Belforte Hotel (ベルフォルテ・ホテル, Beruforute Hoteru) has a casino and a rooftop swimming pool. Jared Hunter attacks with U.R.D.A. air units when Claude McGarren rescues Melissa Kessler at the rooftop swimming pool.


On August 2000, Garland Electric Industries (ガーランド・エレクトリック・インダストリー, Gārando Erekutorikku Indasutorī) opens "Garland Square" in the heart of London. On 16 October 2000, it is taken over by the the United Resistance Defense Army (shortened to U.R.D.A.), a terrorist group led by Derrick Lynch. Since the terrorists held no hostages and made no demands for their reason for occupying the complex, the Scotland Yard orders a covert international counterterrorism squad, the Special Tactics Force (S.T.F. for short), to liberate Garland Square. The S.T.F., in turn, assigns Squad 1, led by Claude McGarren (misspelled as Croad MacGalain in the arcade version), to spearhead the effort.

The moment the counterterrorism team arrives at Garland Square, heavy resistance by the U.R.D.A. is imminent. Squad 1 secures the complex (by neutralizing all terrorists and killing the special agents Tiger and Edge), but the S.T.F. starts to get puzzled as in spite of their hard work, there's no sign of Lynch. An Eyes Only Broadcast from S.T.F.'s intelligence officials reveals disturbing information about Lynch's goal of "over-working" an experimental atomic reactor 5 km (3 miles) below the complex. McGarren and Squad 1 engage in a tense time-sensitive conflict to nullify Lynch and to prevent the reactor from becoming unstable, ultimately saving London from a nuclear meltdown.

Six months after the Garland Square incident, new U.R.D.A. mastermind Jared Hunter gathers the remnants and occupies Grassmarket District and Belforte Hotel. Once again, McGarren and Squad 1 are sent to annihilate the U.R.D.A. remnants and rescue the hostages. They fight their way through Grassmarket Street, defeating an experimental stealth defense droid called the A-0940 in the process. They then storm the Belforte Hotel, where Melissa is held on the rooftop swimming pool. There, they are confronted by Hunter and his airborne attack squad. Declaring his intent for revenge, Hunter engages and loses to Squad 1. He then attempts escape in a modified, heavily armed speedboat, but is killed when the boat is destroyed by McGarren's chopper. McGarren and his men then take Melissa to safety, having ended the U.R.D.A.'s terror once and for all.


Terrorist group U.R.D.A. has occupied multi complex GARLAND SQUARE in suburban London. Get there immediately and recapture the complex.
~ First objective when none of the parts of Garland Square is recaptured
The complex is still occupied by U.R.D.A. and there's no sign of them moving any time soon. They might have some other hidden agenda. Take them down immediately!
~ Second objective when one part of Garland Square is recaptured
The leader behind this is Derrick Lynch. He must be somewhere in this complex. Locating him is your top priority!
~ Third objective when two parts of Garland Square are recaptured
Below the basement level of this complex there's an experimental atomic reactor constructed by Garland Electric (misspelled as Electlic). Geyser 1! Derrick's target must be the atomic reactor. Seize it immediately!
~ Final objective after all parts of Garland Square are recaptured (Arcade version)
Below the basement level of this complex, there is an experimental nuclear reactor constructed by Garland Electric called "Geyser 1". Lynch's target must be the nuclear reactor! Secure it immediately!
~ Final objective after all parts of Garland Square are recaptured (PS2 version)
Infiltrate the complex upon arrival. Annihilate the U.R.D.A. remnants occupying Grassmarket Street and the Belforte Hotel, and rescue the hostages!
~ S.T.F. objective after the U.R.D.A remnants occupied Grassmarket Street and Belforte Hotel


Arcade version
PS2 version

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