Basic Information
1934 (Exact date unknown)




Eye Color


Hair Color


Personal Status


Date of Death


Killed by

Keith Martin and Robert Baxter


Gunned Down


Neodyne Industries Ltd.



Misc. Information
Appears in

Time Crisis II


M202 FLASH rocket launcher, handgun and prototype satellite

Ernesto Diaz (アーネスト・ディアズ, Ānesuto Diazu) is the head of Neodyne Industries and the chief antagonist of Time Crisis II.


Diaz has gray hair, gray eyes and a scar on his left forehead.

He wears glasses, a gray suit with a black turtleneck sweater underneath it, and brown shoes.


Though retired from the more bureaucratic duties of being the senior officer at Neodyne, Diaz has long since been involved in illicit activity connected with the criminal underworld. With the intent to conquer the world, he is the mastermind behind the secret plan to launch military satellites into orbit, including a nuclear satellite. He ordered the capture of V.S.S.E. agent Christy Ryan and later uses her as a human shield when the two V.S.S.E. agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter confront him at the nuclear satellite's launching site. He eventually leaves Christy to the agents in order to get to a prototype satellite armed with four missile launchers and two laser beams, which he uses in the final battle. In the end he is gunned down and plummets to his death in the flaming after-burst of the nuclear satellite's carrier rocket, along with the destroyed prototype satellite that collides with and destroys the carrier rocket, thus thwarting the launch.


At Neodyne Industries, we have successfully completed a global network consisting of 64 satellites! The project is named, "Starline Network". This is a monumental achievement! [Keith: Hey, right?] "Starline" will unite the world! [Robert: I don't think so...]
~ Ernesto Diaz, claiming the benefits of his company's actions in the attract mode
It's almost dream will soon...come true!
~ Ernesto Diaz, claiming his dream of world domination is close to fruition after the satellite is loaded into the rocket (attract mode)
My dream is just about complete... And the world will be mine...
~ Ernesto Diaz, claiming his dream of world domination is close to fruition after the satellite is loaded into the rocket
I'm expecting them. Why do you think I kept you alive? [NDI soldier: General Diaz, we've got trouble!!] So soon? Wild Dog! It's time! [Wild Dog: Yes sir...]
~ Ernesto Diaz, unfazed by Christy Ryan's taunt before sending Wild Dog against the V.S.S.E.
Wild Dog! Why is it taking you so much time to get rid of them? All right, I'll take care of this myself!
~ Ernesto Diaz, frustrated that his right-hand man, Wild Dog, could not quickly kill the V.S.S.E. agents Keith and Robert
This is just a prototype. We're ready to launch the real one! [Announcement: Beginning launch check] You are like roaches... I underestimated your persistence! This is not the real satellite. Anyway, let me entertain you!
~ Ernesto Diaz to V.S.S.E. agents Keith and Robert


Music Theme

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 3 - Final EXTENDED

Time Crisis 2 Music - Stage 3 - Final EXTENDED

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