Edge (エッズィ, Ezzi) (Also known as Edgey in The Arcade version) is one of the three second-in-commands of the U.R.D.A. and a bodyguard for Derrick Lynch.

Appearance Edit

Arcade version Edit

Edge wears a half-sleeved shirt of jungle camouflage, red collar and gray lower sleeves, gray pants and gray combat boots with two brown stripes. He also wears a red beret and shades. As for equipment, there is body armor on the abdomen area and armor plates over the upper shoulder joints. As for weapons, he is armed with double wolverine-style melee blades attached to each wrist.

PS2 version Edit

Edge wears a short-sleeved light green shirt with body armor over it, pants of jungle camouflage folded in military style with a green belt that has a silver buckle around his waist and black combat boots. He also wears purple shades and black fingerless gloves. Like his partner Tiger, he does not wear the beret, revealing that he is bald. As for equipment, there is a long case box attached to the back of his pants. As for weapons, he is armed with double wolverine-style melee blades attached to each wrist.

Overview Edit

Edge was once a student of ninjutsu until he was expelled for his violent tendencies. After this, Edge became a mercenary and eventually met Tiger, whom he befriended. After Derrick Lynch was arrested, Edge persuaded Tiger to help him break Lynch out of prison. After this, Lynch appointed Edge and Tiger as his lieutenants and bodyguards within the U.R.D.A.. In combat, Edge was a fearsome opponent, using claw-tipped bracers and throwing knives. He was also agile and fast, traits perfected during his days as a ninja-in-training. Edge was killed when he was blown up by a grenade along with his partner Tiger.

Quotes Edit

[Tiger: Nobody's gonna...] ...Stop us now!
~ Tiger and Edge, before battling Claude McGarren (attract mode)
Never before... And never after!
~ Edge, before battling Claude McGarren (Arcade version)
Yeah, McGarren... Bring it on!
~ Edge, before battling Claude McGarren (PS2 version)

Gallery Edit

Arcade version
PS2 version

Music Theme Edit

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Garland Technology Center Boss09:12

Time Crisis Crisis Zone Music - Garland Technology Center Boss

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