Christy Ryan
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1974 (Exact date unknown)


24 (during Time Crisis II)
40-41 (At the time of her death)


United States of America (exact locale unknown)


V.S.S.E. Agent in charge of the agency's International Affairs and Internal Intelligence Auditing

Alma mater

Harvard University




Time Crisis 2
Time Crisis 5 (Mentioned)

Voiced by

Lynn Harris (Time Crisis II)

Christy Ryan (クリスティー・ライアン, Kurisutī Raian) was one of the V.S.S.E. agents tasked with the agency's international affairs and (to a certain extent) intelligence auditing. She was killed 3 months prior to the events of Time Crisis 5.

Profile Edit

Christy was a super-intellectual who graduated from both high school and Harvard University at an age earlier than anticipated (at age 17). Being one of the several female agents of the V.S.S.E., Ryan has a lot to prove. Posing as Diaz's administrative assistant, Ryan attempted leak information to the V.S.S.E. but was captured by Kinisky and the NDI security unit when Ryan's true intent was discovered.

Keith Martin and Robert Baxter eventually rescued Ryan, uncovered the truth about the Starline Network, which was actually a network of military satellites intended to destroy the world. Fearing the dangers of her job, Christy was possibly trained to ensure the same thing didn't happen again.

In Time Crisis 5, the auditor's briefcase was never found which revealed the auditor was murdered three months prior to the game. When Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart fought Keith Martin, the wounded agent revealed that he worked with and for Christy, whom he also was coincidentally in love with.

To save his life, Keith made Luke and Marc look at Christy's laptop (in which it was presumed Christy wanted to present the identity of the traitor to Luke and Marc), in which Luke and Marc were aghast to know that Keith was telling the truth all along. Keith deflected the knives Robert threw to kill Luke and Marc, in which Robert's cover was blown.

Taking account that Robert proved his true colors as the traitor to the V.S.S.E., it was clear that Robert killed Christy to keep his cover intact and to put the blame at Keith, in which Keith worked with and for Christy all along to tell the truth to the rookies.

Quotes Edit

There's some news... He's (Wild Dog) still alive...
~ Christy Ryan, warning the V.S.S.E. agents that Wild Dog, presumed to be killed in Time Crisis, is alive and assisting Ernesto Diaz
It's me, Christy. I found some data on the satellite network. Haven't the agents left yet? [Head of V.S.S.E.: Keith and Robert are on their way. No one can beat them.] Keith and Robert?
~ Christy Ryan, leaking the information about the Starline Network to V.S.S.E
Ugh... A punch like that and you think you're gonna conquer the world?
~ Christy Ryan, mocking at Jakov Kinisky after the latter punched her
Your (Ernesto Diaz) project is goin' down in flames! They'll be here soon!
~ Christy Ryan, warning Ernesto Diaz that his plan for world domination will fail and the V.S.S.E. agents will arrive
Th ... thank you ... I'm okay ... Get Diaz! He's about to launch a nuclear satellite!
~ Christy Ryan, after Keith and Robert rescued her.

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