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Alicia Winston
Alicia Winston




Early 20's (probably 24-25)






Lukano Liberation Army Special Trooper


Daniel Winston (brother)
Wesley Lambert (love interest)
Jake Hernandez (comrade, finally become traitor and enemy)

Voiced by

Melissa Hutchinson (uncredited)

Alicia Winston (アリシア・ウィンストン, Arishia Winsuton) is one of the playable characters in Time Crisis 3.

Appearances Edit

Alicia has a pinned blonde hair with fringe and blue eyes.

Alicia wears a green short dress army suit with brown color on her top with red frame at the end on her collar. She also wears black belt and pair of brown gloves also black and red watch on her left wrist, also wears a green socks and brown boots. In her disguise, Alicia wears a red scarf, white bikini covered with opened cyan 3/4 sleeves shirt and brown miniskirt with a pair of Emperor-styled sandals.

Profile Edit

Originally a medic in the Lukano Liberation Army, Alicia eventually displayed her prowess as a sharpshooter. Self-trained in the ways of stealth, Alicia became Lukano's final hope when the majority of the LLA were captured by the Zagorian army. Putting her stealth at work, Alicia broke through Zagorian defenses to steal information regarding about the installation of tactical missiles and leaked the information to the V.S.S.E., prompting the agency to dispatch Alan and Wesley to execute the operation. Teaming up with the V.S.S.E. agents, Winston continued the investigation, rescued her brother and the entire army, disposed the traitor Jake Hernandez and removed the Zagorian threat.

Quotes Edit

So this is what they were hiding ...
~ Alicia Winston, learning that the Zagorias army brought tactical missiles to Astigos Island
Jump! Hurry! There's no time, come on!
~ Alicia Winston, before a twin-rotor plane attempted to kill Alan and Wesley
My name is Alicia. I'm with the Lukano Liberation Army, and you two must be... Alan and Wesley from the V.S.S.E.
~ Alicia Winston, introducing herself to the two V.S.S.E. agents
My brother (Daniel Winston)... I mean our men were captured by the Zagorias army... while carrying out a mission to destroy the tactical missiles.
~ Alicia Winston, explaining to Alan that she is not working alone to destroy the tactical missiles
The tactical missiles are hidden in the military facility located at the summit of this mountain. We'll need to use the railway on the far side of this town. It's been used for supply transportation and it will be our only route to the facility. [Wesley: We'd better split up! We'll meet up at the station up ahead!] The train leaves at 15:00. Don't be late!
~ Alicia Winston, giving the V.S.S.E. agents the location of the tactical missiles before the attack from the Zagorian forces separated her from her two allies
[Jake: Alicia! Over here!] Jake! You're alive! [Jake: Yeah.] Where's Daniel? Isn't he with you? [Jake: No, we were... (A flashback showing He, Daniel and Lukano soldiers arriving at the tactical missile silo before being captured by Zagorian soldiers) I was the only one managed to escape.] So Daniel is... [Jake: He's being held captive at that mountaintop.] He's still up there... [Jake: Yeah...]
~ Alicia Winston, when seeing Jake Hernandez alive before learning his true colors
Is my brother alive? (After firing a shot at a wall) Answer me! (A jeep arrives, forcing Alicia to dodge while Jake boards it) [Jake: Go!] (Alicia fires a shot at the jeep, destroying its right side mirror) It's time... I have to get to the station.
~ Alicia Winston, after defeating Jake Hernandez the first time before he escaped on a jeep

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Alan and Wesley were disguise in beach-patterned shirt, In Rescue Mission Mode, we can see that Alicia wears a white bikini covered with opened cyan 3/4 sleeves shirt and brown miniskirt and red scarf with a pair of Emperor-styled sandals as her disguise or maybe her daily outfit.
  • Although Alicia performs martial arts in cutscenes, the player never uses those moves due to the premise of Time Crisis 3.
  • Only Catherine Ricci and Rachel MacPherson are younger than Alicia at the time they appeared in their respective games.
  • Her pinned hairstyle also similar like Samantha Montgomery from the movie "A Cinderella Story" and Holly Hamilton from the movie "The Perfect Man". Those characters were portrayed by the same actress, Hilary Duff.
  • In the same part of when Alan and Wesley are battling Victor Zahn, she also participates but both of them are never seen during the Boss fight while at Alan and Wesley's point of view she appears driving and doing her best effort to avoid crossfire.
  • Alicia's role is similar to Richard Miller as "one-man army" agent where he fought Wild Dog Organization alone and Alicia also fought Zagorias Army alone.

Gallery Edit

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